Uber - Rebrand 2018

At the end of 2017, I joined uber’s brand experience team as one of the senior designers in charge of uber's rebrand. 

We partnered with Wolff Ollins to design a completely new, holistic brand system. we started from a deep, research-driven understanding of uber’s needs and built a new brand to better serve the company's future.

My main role in this project was to stress-test different parts of the main visual assets, such as typography, compositions, colors, illustration, CRM, and the overall design philosophy of the system.  

The project was a massive collaborative effort between the Wolff Ollins team, led by the creative mind of Forrest Young, and the tireless uber designers.

Full case here

uber_2018_logo_animation (1)


This work would not be possible without the incredible hard work, collaboration, and creativity of various teams over the last 9 months. Special thanks to: Mason Field, Erik Gomez, Diego Tres, Antonio Braz, Chad Balanza, Joan Pons, and Andrea McCulloch, who embedded with teams to make this design work across various touch points across the company; Alice Yang, Aldo Hernandez, Jordon Cheung, and Leonard Peng who evolved our illustration style and created an incredible starter library; Nikolai Cornell, Danae Matthews, Danielle Lindsay-Chung, Karen Chiu, Kevin Funkhouser, Adam Whitefield, Monina Dolan, Nita Gill, and Tamara Lawrence for bringing this to life across our physical and experiential environments; Erik Klimczak, Lori Mann, and the rider product team for building a product UI toolkit that will extend our brand to product; Kate Reeder and the Uber.com team for bringing this to life across Uber.com; Andre Wenn, Katie Bernading, Stephen Gutierrez, and David Keller for bringing the photography style to life; and Forest Young, Matt Delbridge, Taylor Simpson, Jane Brown Young, Andrew Teoh, Danny Skitsko, and Kate Rinker from Wolff Olins for being incredible partners throughout the entire process. Thanks to Violet Office for cracking our motion DNA (and explaining how things work at the San Francisco Science Center) and Frederico Phillips for 3D support. If you love our new font, it’s because Jeremy Mickel was a wonderful partner and created a beautiful typeface. Thank you to Steve Tesoriero, Viv Walsh, Weina Cai, Jen Solley, Ian Chee and Mo Conlin for leading the strategy behind this work and Kevin Shkolnik and Syd Perlman for developing the research and insights to support our strategy. If you’ve enjoyed reading this page -- or any page in our new brand, it’s because Molly Watson inspired us through wonderful writing and tone of voice guidelines. And lastly to Shane Sarver and Romy Zoellner who kept all of us on track through their amazing program management. This all came together under Peter Markatos, Director of Brand.